Scales of Change, 2012-2016, dye diffusion transfer. 

Peak Removal

I photographed mountain peaks around the San Francisco Bay and Sierra Nevada Mountains with Fuji FP100C instant pack film, this is a peel apart instant film with ten photos in each pack.  For each peak I located a scenic overlook, took a photo, then took a photo of that photo, I repeated this process until the pack ran out. The peak slowly recedes into a hole. 

mountain top removal, Bingham Canyon Mine, scenic overlook

Beach Plastic Radiograms

I walked along the beaches around Northern California collecting plastic that washed up on the beach. I dropped this plastic onto Fuji FB3000 black and white film, in a darkroom then exposed the film with Uranium ore, creating a photogram of the plastic. I put the film back in a camera and took a photograph of the coast.

great Pacific garbage patch, Fukushima, tritium, cesium, strontium


Evaporated Ocean

I collected oyster shell from a farm in Willapa Bay, Washington. I dissolved the shells in acid then dried the solution reprecipitating the calcium carbonate, and photographing the resulting crust. At some point in the far future the sun will enlarge vaporizing the oceans and blowing away the atmosphere leaving vast salt planes under a dark sky, 

Ocean acidification, the Sun engulfing Earth