Scales of Change - 2012-2016

(Color and BW instant pack film)

Peak Removal

I photographed mountain peaks around the San Francisco Bay and Sierra Nevada Mountains with Fuji FP100C instant pack film, (this is a peel apart instant film with ten photos in each pack).  For each peak I located a scenic overlook, took a photo, then took a photo of that photo, I repeated this process until the pack ran out. The peak slowly recedes into a hole. 

mountain top removal, Bingham Canyon Mine, scenic overlook

Beach Plastic Radiograms

I walked along the beaches around Northern California collecting plastic that washed up on the beach. I dropped this plastic onto Fuji FB3000 black and white film, in a darkroom then exposed the film with Uranium ore, creating a photogram of the plastic. I put the film back in a camera and took a photograph of the coast.

great Pacific garbage patch, Fukushima, tritium, cesium, strontium


Evaporated Ocean

I collected oyster shell from a farm in Willapa Bay, Washington. I dissolved them in acid and reprecipitated them.

the Sun engulfing Earth