{∅ , {∅} , {∅,{∅}} , {∅ , {∅} , {∅,{∅}}} , … } - 2015

I made a physical model of an endless hierarchy of empty sets. In this version, I only made a chain of 4 sets. The first cassette player (p1) in the chain is playing an empty endless cassette tape, the audio output is transferred to the next player with a cassette adaptor, so the second tape player (p2) is playing the sound of p1 playing the empty tape. p3 is playing the sound of p2 playing the sound of p1. At the end of the final tape, in this case p4, the sound is sent to an amplifier. In addition to the sound of this progression of emptiness, I also attached contact mics to the tape players to get the sound of the structure containing the emptiness. All of the sounds are mixed and played through a collection of homemade speakers. Expectedly, the resulting sound of this small slice of infinity is extremely complex. As I add more cassette players, and more closely approximate infinity, the sound will become indistinguishable from white noise. These are some photos of the piece installed in my studio.