Panspermia - 2015

     Where did life on this planet come from? Where do our individual lives come from? At some point in the distant past Earth was a dust cloud, after forming it went through at least a billion years of meteorite bombardment, once the surface cooled the first living organisms came into existence and much later the planet was populated by sentient beings with imaginative and analytic minds. From the first seeds ; being, consciousness and history are passed down through time.

     The panspermia hypothesis states that life or the organic building blocks of life are dispersed throughout the universe on comets, asteroids and meteoroids. According to this theory, life on Earth may have arrived via these space seeds.  Very old and unaltered meteorites such as the Murchison contain complex essential amino acids of an extraterrestrial origin. These photograms are made with vintage photographic paper manufactured between 1957 and 1969, the time period between Sputnik and the Apollo 11 moon landing.